Wordless Wednesday-Newborn Minky

This week’s wordless Wednesday is brought to you by the letter M (for Minky) and the number 1 (for the #1 Photographer, evah! Joan McAlister of BellowBlue Photography in Madison, WI)

We majored in photography in college together (along with her husband, Jon) and are still super close. She did my maternity photos and Eli’s first bday photos too (I think some are hiding out in her galleries). We took advantage of her visit to us in MPLS to take some a-ma-zing photos.
So here’s a little snippet of the shoot with Adlai in her awesome Minky Newborn Fitteds!


Oi! I’ve been so busy running all over the Twin Cities today. Had to go to the post office so, of course, it’s snowing and we had to trek through all the slush. But that’s okay! I’ll trek through a lot if it means I’m sharing my diapers with the world! I tried to do paypal shipping labels but neither of my computers have the correct internet browsers on them so we go out in the elements.

Then we had to buy some more prefolds to embelish. That was all the way over in St. Paul and in the process I got the contact info for the owner of the natural baby store over there so hopefully I can set up a meeting with said owner and sell to them. It’d be nice to see my stuff in a brick and mortar store.

On our way back we ended up on the wrong highway so we meandered our way to a Target (you could close your eyes and walk 50 feet in any direction and end up running into one around here) to get baby food and then wandered through a subdivision to get to a Hancocks to pick up some embroidery hoops (for silkscreens!). All in all, it was a lovely day. Eli flirted with every lady who peeked into his carseat. He’s gonna grow up to break hearts! I’ve already started to train him “roses from the gas station for no reason mean a lot” and “don’t get her cheesy jewelry.” as I rock him to sleep at naptime.

Tony designed the diaper up there at the top of the post. He named the design “SpeedyPants.” I think the name is just super adorable! We’re working on different color combos right now. I put it up on Etsy yesterday and within 24 hours it sold! That’s amazing. Tony’s excited because something that he designed is actually in production and selling on top of that. Not many kids from his graduating class can say that. Industrial design in a tough, tough, field to break into and having something in your portfolio that people are buying is a good thing.

Oh, I have so many orders to get out today, the stack of outgoing packages is already four high and I’m not even done. My goal today is to get every order out and to get at least two more designs up on my shop. That means lots of sewing! But for now, a lunch and blog break!

New Print Diapers out.

The print AIOs are now in my etsy store.  I added them earlier this morning.  I like them a lot.  Most of my prints are pretty girly so unfortunately Eli will not be able to benefit from my hard work.  

Did I tell you I am having so much fun?  It’s like an addiction.  I have to stay away from any fabric website or store because I will spend way too much and get myself into trouble.