The Eli Monster

I’ve been tinkering away at the sewing machine and think I’ve gotten a system down for my diapers and covers. Look how cute they’ve turned out.

I found a great website that supplies just the waterproof film for my diapers. I’m in the middle of taking all of my fabric out of every nook and cranny that it’s shoved in and making cute diapers and covers.

I’m in great need for supplies. I have the fabric but I’m in need of the thread and velcro (boy, do I go through that stuff!) and other little odds and ends.

I like this new background that I’m photographing on. Thank you Michaels Crafts and thank you Martha Stewart! It’s no secret that I am a Martha junkie. I can hardly even imagine to keep up with her and her OCD, but I can hope to one day find the time to alphabetize my sock drawer. I was meaning to subscribe to her Blueprint magazine but was saddened the other week to find out that it went to magazine heaven.

So I sit here typing, waiting for dinner to settle in the belly before heading back to the kitchen table to sew some more. I don’t know what will happen when Spring comes. I guess I’ll just have to divide my time between photographing and sewing.

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