I love babies in the morning…

This morning I got up to get Eli up and as I was leaning into his crib he just rolled over and gave me the biggest smile in the world.

It’s like that every morning. It’s my favorite part of the day. I love how he snuggles into me as I pick him up. I love how he rubs the sleepys out of his eyes. I love how he looks around his room with a slight, “huh, what’s going on, wasn’t it dark out when I fell asleep?” look on his face. I love his baby stretches. I love how I have to tickle his feet to get his legs to bend so I can slip his feet back into his pjs after his diaper change. But most of all, I just love that smile.

He’s now big enough to eat some baby food and he just gets so excited when I put him into his highchair and get his breakfast ready. His feet just go a mile a minute and his arms pump up and down in excitement. He usually gets so worked up about eating that he can hardly contain himself to eat. It takes a while but I’m savoring every moment of breakfast time. I know that all too soon, he’ll be all grown up and be too busy to sit down to breakfast every morning. Thankfully that’s over a decade away so I can soak it all in.

I’ve been sewing away, making a dress and bloomers for my niece and it’s my first time to actually use a pattern that I bought instead of just figuring it out and making a pattern myself. I wanted to start with the bloomers in small (0-6 mo.), thinking that if they turned out bad I didn’t waste a whole lot of fabric but if they turned out nice then I would post them on Etsy. I tried them on Eli (poor guy!) and they were HUGE! I mean humongous! They could easily be for a 12-18 mo old, not 0-6. I even used more than the given seam allowances because I did french seams to finish off the inside. I’m afraid to start on the dress in fear that it would swallow her alive! I think I will make a smaller size and see what happens.

I will add pics later; the light out is not so fabulous and I don’t feel like bringing out the camera.

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