Rock ‘N Rumps

I think that’s going to be the name for my line of Punk Rock clothing and diapers. Thought of it at 3 this morning as I was awake thinking of things to make for the shop. I think it’s kinda cute.

I’m off to the art store to get some photo emulsion for silkscreening. I’m so tired of sitting for an hour or so and hand painting a design only to mess up in the last details and have to scrap it. So yay! for more intricate designs in the upcoming weeks.

I started experimenting with various bloomer patterns to compliment my punk diapers. Spring is upon us and I want to get some nice little rump covers up. How cute will all these little ones be in punk bloomers and a tee? Just adorable! I found some super super airy cotton knits that will be just perfect in the warmer months. And the color selection is superb!

Okay, so the photo isn’t amazing. The flash kept going off and I’m typing on the laptop and the camera is attached to the desktop so I had to do a super quick picture and then email it to myself so I can show you all. It’s sooooooo soft. I tried it on Eli and he was mesmerized by the color. Ooops, naptime’s over. Must get back to Mom duty!

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