How to clean Velcro/Aplix/Touchtape

Hi all!

I’ve been noticing that some moms are wary of Velcro/Aplix/Touchtape because they don’t like how it gets dirty and filled with hairs, fuzz, and other ugly bits. I don’t think that this is fair for the hook and loop family so I thought I’d share my knowledge of how to quickly and easily clean all that gunk out of the hook tape. Ready?…

Rub two bits of hook tape together. So on your diapers, rub the two wings together. All that gunk rolls up into a ball and it super easy to pick out. Now your hook tape looks good as new! And on top of looking nice and purdy, it renews the “stickiness” of the hook and loop tape.

Whew, that was hard!

Have a great day; we’re enjoying some of the last snowfalls of the season. Off to jog to the post office!

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