Cleaning Tuesday

So I’m taking a cue from Amber of Rockerbyebaby and am going to try to make an organized way of posting on this happy little blog.

And I’ve decided that Tuesday will be Cleaning Tuesday (since that’s the day I usually clean my house)! I will try to pick up eco friendly (or at least budget friendly) tips and recipes and share them with y’all every Tuesday.

First up:

Magical Soap Scum Shower Cleaner!

You’ll need equal parts of:

Orange PineSol (name brand, not generic)
Concentrated Simple Green

Mix together and pour into spray bottle. Spray on tile, wait a few minutes (doesn’t take long) and wipe away. Rinse when done.

My bath was in pretty sad shape so I did have to use a little bit of muscle underneath the soap dish but it was so bad under there that it wasn’t just soap scum anymore-they had formed little colonies and were building actual bars of soap under the dish where you couldn’t see normally…

I’ve tried every store bought brand and none worked as well as this. It’s super cheap and is friendlier on your skin than almost all of the shower cleaners I’ve used. And it smells DELISH! My bathroom smells so good right now.

And I’ve made a new rule banning any use of Ivory soap in our house-that was the main problem-it’s back to a more eco (and skin) friendly soap for Tony-I already have the new bar out and ready for use.

My Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is almost out and I’m going to refill the bottle with a weaker solution of this and see how that works-I think I will have a perma-clean shower from now on. Finally!!!

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