Giveaway Number 2!

Week number 2 starts with a bang! Tony’s mom is coming into town so Tony and I can have a real date-we’re going to the Art Brut concert tomorrow followed by some bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl. I’m super excited-this will be our first date since Easter weekend!

Okay, now that y’all are up to speed with my very small social life-the details of the next giveaway! The prize this week is a $25 gift certificate to The Eli Monster! Why limit the prize-my shop is custom made so my prizes should be too! The winner will be sent a discount code via email (or snail mail if you prefer) and can be used at theelimonster.com.

To Enter:
Tell me why you started (or want to start) cloth diapering! Your email must be visible in your blogger account or give me your email address (I promise no spam) in your first response.

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Contest ends 11/14/09. Winner will be picked via random.org and will be announced 11/15/09.

51 thoughts on “Giveaway Number 2!”

  1. i would love to enter…

    i started cloth diapering, because not only were they so cute, but they save money… and i did research and found out that there are so many chemicals in sposies that i decided that i really dont want those chemicals on my baby… plus i cant even imagine what in the gel stuff that absorbs everything, and i got so grossed out by the little clumps of gel that was all over him everytime i changed his diaper… plus i loved how cute they were…

  2. i started cloth diapering to save money then after hubby got a better job i stayed coth diapering because i did more research and decided i did not want to put any chemicals near my babys ottom and yeah this was before i even found al the cute diapers out there ow im hook on fabrics!!!

  3. I have started to cloth diaper all three of my kids because sposies are spendy and my kids have super sensitive skin and get super bad diaper rash. I have to buy nature babycare cuz they are allergic to all other dipes. Im hoping to get my stash u pvery soon so they can be fully clothed.

  4. I started because we needed to save the money. Here I am on baby number three and have continued because I WANT to! I love that I am helping the environment and honestly I love when people find out I CD and look at me like I am nuts. I can’t wait to go into my explanation of why I do it and how easy it is, and how many people cd now.

  5. I plan on starting with our next baby. I’m very interested in saving money, and helping the planet at the same time!! Not to mention, cloth diapers are just so stinkin’ cute! =)
    garyandalesha at cox dot net

  6. I would like to enter.
    I started on cloth diapering because I wanted better for my baby, it made me feel that I love him better, besides of the fact of taking care of the world in which he will have to live when I’m gone.

  7. I first started cding because it would save money. I have become totally obsessed since then, and now that I know how dangerous sposies are, I am even happier with my smart choice.

  8. I started cloth diapering because my son Kael has real sensitive skin and every brand of disposables would give him a rash. We did it to save money also because we wasted A LOT of money of unused disposables. It’s worked out great because I love customizing all his stuff and now everything he wears is homemade right down to his diapey :)

  9. I want to start cloth diapering because I can see the benefits not only in saving money but also to the little bums. I am due to have my first child the end of December. We were told to prepare for an early arrival and I my son to start out with the best possible. This means a little extra work on my part but it is worth it. Plus I just love how cute their little bottoms are all fluffy!

  10. The reason why I cloth diaper is for the following reasons

    1) My daughter is allergic to disposables

    2) Make the eart/enviroment a better place

    3) You can recycle diapers by giving them to other children or family members

    4 )saves space in the landfills

    5) Saves money

    6) I buy ONLY from USA made or WAHM made places

  11. I cloth diaper for two main reasons. Number one is that it is so much less expensive. Number two is that I hate the idea of adding that much more garbage to the landfills. Added benifits are that there are less rashes, no emergency runs to the store, and I just feel better about it as a whole!

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