Week 3 Giveaway!

This week we are giving away 2 (not one, but two!!!) wetbags. Two lucky winners will recieve a Medium Custom Wetbag!

Awesome and practical at the same time…

This super capacity wetbag measures 14″ x 14″ and can hold at least a day of diapers easily. The inner layer of PUL is sewn separately from the outer print layer eliminating any leaks or wicking. The zipper is easy to use and keeps all smells at bay. A special piece of bamboo fleece is sewn at the opening allowing you to add a few drops of your favorite essential or fragrance oil making diaper changes even that much more pleasant!

A snap handle allows for easy hanging on a doorknob, on the edge of the changing pad, from your diaperbag handle or wherever you want to attach it!

This wetbag is large enough that is can serve many uses after baby is potty learned.

(Amy Butler Acanthus shown in size small)

To Enter:
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Contest ends 11/21/09. Winner will be picked via random.org and will be announced 11/22/09.

51 thoughts on “Week 3 Giveaway!”

  1. The best thing about cloth diapering? Well at the beginning – I would have said saving money. Haha, well that is out the window! I am way too addicted now to even pretend that I am saving money. So, I would have to say knowing that I am taking a road less traveled that is better for my baby and our planet. Knowing that I am not adding to our already groddy landfills.
    The worst thing? I really have few gripes…but I will go with running out of diapers while out and about. This has lead me to use a dish towel at friends houses or Clover’s blanket.

  2. Best thing about cloth is the health benefits and the fact that i get to save money and make a better enviroment. plus they are super addicting and cute. Widh i would have started sooner. The negative is finding what works for which kid and i think thats about it. Maybe the laundry part when im lazy but otherwise i love it!

  3. First entry: vetsmom_rgv at yahoo dot com. I love cloth diapering because I get to show off her cute tooshie and not filling the landfills with diapers. I dislike when the gussets are too small. Thanks for a chance to enter.

  4. Best thing is knowing that you are doing something great for not only your child and your family, but in some small way everyone in the world… and the money savings, woot, woot! Worst thing would have to be how insanely addicting it has become. I swear i could spend hours online looking for dipes… hours! Ugh!

  5. The best thing is definitely the cute factor–I love it when people realize that the cuteness I have on her bum is a working diaper!!
    Really the worst is the poop…every time she has a big one and I’m using the diaper sprayer, I question my sanity. But the positives and the fun definitely outweighs that particular negative.

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