Wordless Wednesday

I thought ya’ll might like to see where The Eli Monster’s inner workings happen for this week’s Wordless Wednesday. It’s still a work in progress but you can only do so much at a time with a 2 year old “helping.”

The Sewing table with fabric storage on either side

The Cutting area with humongous scrap bin (eek!) and storage for pre-cut pieces.

The Computer table and shelves for In-Stock Items (note the sexy chrysanthemum wallpaper that from the previous owner-I like its kitch) plus shipping supplies and filing.

It’s not much, it’s in the laundry room but I have so much more room now. I have a few prints and bulletin boards to hang, along with painting the wall behind the washer and dryer but it’s cheery and NOT the lovely chipboard that was there to begin with (well, it still is-it’s just painted but it’s a pretty lavender now!).

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