The Last (and BIGGEST) Giveaway this Birthday Month!

Okay, guys. I’m finally posting the last giveaway of my birthday month! I’m even extending the deadline so you have more opportunities to tweet or blog about it and ENTER MORE TIMES!

This week I’m giving away a cloth diapering gift set!

What’s included, you ask?

  • Three diapers of your choice (AIO, Pocket, Cover)
  • Three gDiaper inserts (can also be used as doublers or pocket inserts)
  • Medium Wetbag
  • 12 wipes
  • sample of diaper pail dust

That’s over $100 of cloth diapering items!!!

To Enter:

  • Tell me your favorite type of diaper and why. Please include your email address in your first comment so I know how to contact you in case you win.

Wanna Enter More Times?

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If you already follow The Eli Monster on any of these sites, let me know and that will count as an entry!


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  • Review your Eli Monster Diapers at The Diaper Pin!
  • Review your Eli Monster Diapers on Facebook!

For each thing activity, let me know in a separate comment so I can count them individually.

Contest ends 12/14/09. Winner will be picked via random.org and will be announced

269 thoughts on “The Last (and BIGGEST) Giveaway this Birthday Month!”

  1. (ohgooshie@gmail.com)
    I’m a fan to you on FB! I’m just getting into the trendy CDs so for the moment, I am in love with AI2s… So far, every brand I’ve tried is great… I guess I’m easy like that =)

  2. (Blackplatter@gmail.com) and of course I’m a fan on facebook/etsy and now you’ve inspired me to start up the twitter thingy

    Happy birth month and thank you for creating such a fun giveaway too :)

    As you well know, WE LOVE ANY diaper that has the famed Eli Monster label on it!!! Our little guy Mason (Shipoopi) says “nsflksadhl#@#$R!” Which I think translates as “It’s either Eli Monster Diapers for me or I go comando.”

    People love them so much, that someone was willing to scale up to the second story of our transitional housing and steal 8 diapers (and two pairs of Heather’s pants as to make us think that they were not just after the diapers) off of the balcony! Now we get to do laundry once a day instead of every other day!! Awesome!!!!!!

    Welcome to the neighborhood!!!!

    By the way, Ihope that your Serger is feeling better after its visit to the doctors. Did you end up adopting another one while you were there???

  3. i am already a fan on Facebook, (MD) and i follow you on twitter… (MD) i already subscribe to your newsletter, and i will say that my favorite brand is BG, however i just recieved a diaper from you today and i absolutly love it! no leaks, very trim, and so adorable!!!!! so i hope this counts as 4 different entries, cause i sure would love to get more of your diapers!!!!

  4. I am soooo wanting to win this give-a-way! I never win anything! :-) ha ha. You’re diapers are super cute – would love to try them. I am a fan on facebook (KZ), am following your blog, and have added you to my favorites on Etsy (kzieler) I also signed up for your newsletter. My favorite dipes right now are the Grobaby AI2’s. I like them because they are one size (economical), the snap-ins are super quick and easy and the absorbancy is wonderful for my heavy wetting chunky little girl! Please pick me..pick me..pick me! :-) Thanks for the chance for this awesome give-a-way!!

  5. Well i’ve never tried an AIO but i’m pretty sure i’d LOVE it…however, I am torn between the pocket and the cover. I have both and love the convenience of the cover (so many changes and only one cover!) but love the “security” of the pocket (holds in more wetness, keeps my kiddo’s bum dry…so tough call!

  6. I don’t really know that I have a favorite diaper. I used LUVS with my first daughter, they fit her well and there was something about the smell (weird i know!) of them that I really liked. I am wanting to give cloth a try with my little girl who is due January 21st though!


  7. I only have 1 AIO, but it is my favorite. No pinning prefolds or snapping fitteds then covering; no stuffing; all-in-one = quick and easy!
    saywah_j at yahoo dot com

  8. ljr283@gmail.com
    I love my AIO one size diapers. They are so easy that my husband and the grandparents don’t have any trouble using them. And we don’t have much room for storage, so I love that I don’t have to buy more as she gets older!

  9. I have not yet started cloth diapering but plan to with our next baby (hopefully be finding out soon!). I am thinking that I’ll prefer the AIOs, but I’m not sure! What an awesome giveaway!
    garyandalesha at cox dot net

  10. I am new to the cloth diapering thing. I am expecting my first child in the next couple of weeks! I am so excited to meet my little guy. I want to use cloth because I feel it is a better option for him and the environment. My husband wants to use cloth because he thinks it looks mor comfy! I am going to try a bit of everything to find what I like best. I think I will like the prefold and covers but hubby will probably prefer a pocket or AI2. (HG)

  11. Reviewed your diaper, again, this time the miny cover on diaper pin, but I still don’t see the last review I did for you on there :( Once again says pending admin approval. Whats up with that?!mriricat23

  12. My favorite is a prefold with a doubler and fleece liner in a Thirsties cover, or a Bumgenius with two bamboo or hemp doublers for a super trim fit.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. With my first son, PFs were my favorites hands down. An oldie but goodie! :)

    With DS2 I am liking fitteds and wool covers at the moment.

    mamaknj @ msn. com

  14. I go through phases, and it depends on the age of my babe – I’m on my 4th CD’d baby now and at 4 months I love fitteds. He can lie around in just a fitted and a tee at home, be covered in woolies when it gets cool, or throw on a nice cover and clothes if we’re spending the day out.
    I also love the pockets, too, though… sigh… too much fluff to love, not enough bums to cover…
    I am a fan of yours on FB (KWT), I follow you on twitter (sunhilde), I’m on your mailing list, I follow your blog (Taylor), and you’re an etsy favorite (Foozits)… did I miss anything?? =)

  15. My favorite style of diaper is a pocket diaper. I like that you can use the same diaper, but adjust the absorbancy; for different parts of the day or occassions (going out for the day). I also think the washing of pockets are far easier than AIO’s. They dry faster and wash more thoroughly. I was never a fan of fitted’s and covers, to me, that’s just too many steps ;-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

  16. My favorite type of diaper varies by the age of the child actually…I prefer AIOs for little ones (sz small) and the for olders I like pockets and fitteds. I guess I like a little of everything!! One thing I ADORE in all my diapers though is velour–bamboo or cotton, I don’t care, I just love velour!!


  17. favorite diaper . . .pockets are great. But I also like the simplicity of good old prefolds with a cute cover! to be fair…I haven’t yet tried fitteds.
    I am your fan on FB (LO)
    follow you on twitter (laordus)
    you’re an etsy favorite (laordus)
    v. excited about the great give-away – would love to try your adorable diapers! lisa.gourlay@gmail.com

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