Thrifty Thursday

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Two kids keep me busy! I didn’t know if I should put this under Thrifty Thursday or Friday Finds since it’s a little of both.

So anywho, on to the blog post…
I loves me this gadget! Tony’s mom and dad got me a Bissell Steam Shot for my birthday (yes, I picked it out) and I can’t stop using it! This tool combined with a little homemade household cleaner has made my house supa dupa clean (when I clean-the rest of the time it’s a little messy but I recently read in an article about helicopter parenting that “Happy mess is better than Miserable Tidiness” so I’m going to go with that). I fell in love with our stove when we bought the house (who doesn’t love a turquoise stove?) but it seemed a bit yellowed. We just figured that it was almost 60 years old and things had yellowed in the heat and all. I took the Steam Shot to it and wiped with a rag and instantly it looked practically brand new! So naturally I took it to the extreme and started steam cleaning EVERYTHING in the kitchen. Tony even steamed the rivets on our vent hood.
I love to sterilize sippy cups and bottles with it too. I really want to find out who designs some of these sippy cups and give them a stern talking to. We don’t have a dishwasher and most of the lids are designed so a dish rag cannot get into all the nooks and crannies. So I just give everything a nice shot of steam after washing and it seems to be doing the trick. No more boiling huge pots of water, no soaking in a bleach solution (which I refused to do anyway).
Why is this in Thrifty Thursday? Because since November I have not bought one cleaning product (well, I did get a gallon of vinegar for $.77 a while back). No paper towels, no window cleaner, no surface cleaner, nothing, nada, zilch.
Eh, I’ve rambled too much. Both kidlets are asleep so I should probably head downstairs to sew for a while.

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