The many lives of my DayTrip Wetbag

We just got back from camping this weekend.  It was hot, muggy and buggy up here in MN.  I brought 2 DayTrip (Medium) Wetbags with us since Kidlet is only daytime pottytrained (and, YUP we camp with cloth diapers too).  So I have one bag for diapers and the other one just to have around in case we needed it.

And boy did we.  A few trips to the beach, trips back and forth to the bath house, lots of little kid general stinkiness, that extra bag was worth twice its weight in gold the last couple of days.

As a general beach bag, it was superb!  It kept our phones/keys/etc sand and splash free and when it was time to pack up and go back to the campsite, the wet swimsuits (or whatever clothing the kids managed to run into the lake wearing, *sigh*) popped inside and the trunk stayed nice and dry for the trip back to the tent.  Then out came the suits, they hung out to dry and the bag’s lining was undone and the bag also hung out to dry, all ready for the next trip.

The bag was a great size to pack up particularly smelly children’s wear for the drive back home this morning.  It kept odors locked away and made our ride home pleasant.

But the BEST use of our wetbag this weekend was going to the bath house to shower.  We like to camp in state parks and every park has a slightly different setup as far as the buildings are concerned.  Some have completely separate facilities for each shower and some are the more traditional showerstall/changing area.  This particular park has the little stalls with a changing area in front and the shower in the back.  There was no curtain between so any splash from the shower reached into the changing area.  Well, the wetbag solved the wet clean clothes problem!  I walked up to the shower area with my clean clothes in the bag, the bag kept the clothes dry while I washed and then afterwards, the dirty clothes went in for the walk back to the tent!  Perfecto!

DayTrip Wetbags are A-MA-Zing!

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