Tutorial-Super Fast Reusable Kid Napkins



I don’t even know why I’m making this tutorial.  It’s so simple, photos are overkill.  But I am anyway.

I had this super cute flannel hanging around my studio for a looooong time.  It never got put away because I wanted to do something with it right away but never did.  Probably a year passes and it’s STILL sitting out on my cutting counter without a real purpose except for looking cute.  I’m a sucker for bicycle fabric.  I wavered on making PJ pants out of it but I think my husband would kill me if I made yet another pair of pajama pants (in my defense, it gets downright frigid for a good part of the year here and the wool socks/flannel pant combo is what gets me through the winter).  I know, I’ll make some cute napkins to send with school lunches!  Kiddo likes to say we are a “reuseit” kind of family and hates when he has to throw a wrapper or napkin away at school.  He’d rather bring washable containers and bring them back home.



I had about 1.5 yards give or take a few inches.  I didn’t measure and remember that it came off the end of the bolt.  I managed to get about 9 double layer napkins out of that.  You will get, well, double, if you choose to do single layer.

Start by cutting out 13×13″ squares.  I got 3 squares out of each 13′ strip from selvage to selvage.

If you want to serge, place 2 squares wrong sides together and zip around the edges!  It’s that easy.

If you don’t have a serger, place your 2 squares right sides together and  stitch around leaving a small opening.  Clip corners and turn right side out.  Topstitch all the way around again.



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