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What the heck IS that and why do I want to make it? Free Pattern Inside





What IS that thing?  Why did I make it?  Why would you ever need something like that?

If you have little girls, you make find yourself needing one more than you think.



A’s hair was too short to put up into a “proper” bun and she needed one for her recital this weekend.  So, being ultra cheap, I decided I didn’t want to pay the $5 at the beauty supply store to buy a hair donut.  I didn’t even want to spend the $1 at the dollar store to buy one.  I wanted to spend nothing, nada, zip, zilch, whateverelsemeans$0.  I have a big ol’ tote full of tiny balls of yarn and a movie playing so I grabbed a ball that closely matched A’s hair color and sort of figured it out as I went…


I made a tube and once it seemed long enough, I bound off and started sewing it up into a donut shape.  Before I closed it up completely I stuffed it with some polyfil I conveniently keep in a bag under my nightstand (doesn’t everyone store random stuffing by their bed?  I like to be able to craft if I get inspired in the middle of the night, I guess…)

It took me about an hour start to finish and I was watching a really bad movie at the same time so it wasn’t really any time out of my day.

Download The Dancing Donut Below!

The Dancing Donut

You’ll want to match your yarn as close to your hair as you can just in case your ponytail can’t completely cover it.  I knew A’s hair would have a little bare spot so I made sure that her feather hair piece would cover that bald spot.  No one could tell unless I moved her feathers and pointed at it so I’m pretty dern confident that you couldn’t tell once she was on stage.

recital-2That was A, backstage pre-recital.  Isn’t she just the cutest!  She was super excited-probably more about the little goodie bag and flowers at the end than actually being on stage but isn’t that what life is about in preschool?




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