The Wellig Hat is here!


Do you ever have one of those projects that is just SO cool in your head and you sketch it out and start on it and it just doesn’t quite come out right?  So you start over and make changes and it STILL doesn’t come out right?  This hat has been frogged and reworked off and on for the past 5 months.  I think this was the second or third pattern I started and have had to set it aside to work on other things a few times.


The Wellig Hat








What appears to be a simple striped slouchy hat is so much more. Short rows make the stripes wider in the front, pushing the whole design down and back, emphasizing the slouch of this hat. A simple 2 color pattern can be made in a variety of different color combinations, creating a wide array of looks from the same pattern.

TheWelligHat-13 TheWelligHat-9 TheWelligHat-8 TheWelligHat-7 TheWelligHat-5 TheWelligHat-2

Your pattern will be instantly downloadable upon checkout. You will need Adobe Reader to open and read this PDF file and 8.511 paper to print out the pattern. No paper copy will be mailed to you.

You may sell items made from this pattern in small batches. Please credit pattern to The Eli Monster. Pattern is copyrighted; do not sell or copy pattern

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