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Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop 2020

Since the world is hunkering down for a few more weeks, I thought it would be fun to join in on a sewing studio clean up hosted by the awesome Cheryl Sleboda of muppin.com. My studio never gets *super* bad but it gets to the point where I just don’t want to deal with it in order to sew.

The thing about my studio is that it’s not just my studio. It’s also the catch-all for the rest of the house. Since we don’t have a garage and do have nice bicycles, they live in (you guessed it) my studio. So does E’s pitch back. Oh, and a vintage stove that we took out of our old house with the intent to install in our new house only to end up with a really nice gas stove (with double ovens and all the bells and whistles). Let’s see, we also have some onions I planted earlier, a kid-sized desk, and a play kitchen that I’m trying to find a place for in the storage room. And a super large middle school science project, complete with wind tube and a box of styrofoam cars.

But let’s focus on the sewing studio part of the studio (or, really, I just call it “the backroom”). I’ve got that science project and some matboard and box that it was shipped in cluttering the cutting area. Surface-itis has set in on the fabric shelves and I just have too much fabric to fit in the areas that I have available. Oh, and let’s not forget that I now have the contents of my husband’s office in there (as evidenced by the fancy office chair) because no one is allowed back on campus for the rest of the semester as the cleaning crew goes from building to building, sanitizing and locking the doors behind them.

I like the set up so it’s just a bit of tidying and then a good scrub down. The cutting table is really convenient now that it’s cleared off and ready to lay fabric out on. I need to finish up this new sweatshirt pattern I’m working on and get it out of the way.

I also cleared off that sort of no man’s land behind the sewing machines. My main problem in the studio is the stack of WIPs that just seem to grow and grow and grow, no matter how much I sew. I really want a long desk/counter with holes drilled in the top to run cords through and keep them under the work surface.

My medium-term goal is to sew down my stash of fabric enough to fit everything into the 2 bigger shelving units to allow my books to all fit together on the shelf under the computer. It’s weird having that little bit of fabric just hanging out practically forgotten all the way over on the other side of the room. But for now, I guess I’ll enjoy my rainbow fabric as it is and slowly move all of my quilting cottons to these shelves and start condensing.

It just feels neater now that it’s had a good vacuuming and dusting and some of the really annoying things (I’m looking at you, middle school science project…) out of at least my portion of the “back room.”

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my work area. I’ve come to accept that it will never be magazine worthy but it serves me well and I get to see mountains out my windows as I work (my first space NOT in a basement!) and that makes me really happy. It’s big and roomy and even though it’s annoying to have everyone hang out there sometimes (like lately, when I really just want to get away from people) it’s crazy nice that the kids do have the space to pull out all their hot wheels and hang out with me.

Maybe I’ll post an update when I start to build some of the sewing tables I want and get matching shelves for my fabric, etc!

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2 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop 2020”

  1. Since I am not a fan of common rooms, if it were me I would put up some type of room divider like a two-sided cubicle wall. The desk that holds two of your machines looks very similar to mine. You get bonus points for facing a window (I do too). Thank you for sharing a peek at your space.

  2. It’s a nice space and you do the best you can sharing it. Yep, annoying! But also fun with littles playing nearby. Love your projects! So pretty. I’m a quiltmaker so clothing design is a complete mystery to me but I can appreciate it all the more.

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