Wordless Wednesday-kitchen photo shoot

I’ve been itching to start shooting again. I despise digital but don’t have access to a darkroom at the moment so I guess I need to start practicing my digi skills. Here’s a few highlights from an impromptu photo shoot last week…

And I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We did! We went to the Mississippi River headwaters and picnicked and swam and hiked. It was a long day but totally worth it.
Tony and Eli on the rocks between Lake Itaska and the Mississippi River!

Wordless Wednesday-new skirty for Adlai

I’ve been bit by the skirty bug. So I got myself a nice little pattern and went to town. It only took a few weekends at work in between customers. And the great thing about this pattern is that it came with a license to sell up to 25 skirties a year so you may just see one or two pop up in my shops from time to time…

I made a medium since I didn’t know how long it would take so the poor thing goes up to her armpits!

Wordless Wednesday-Newborn Minky

This week’s wordless Wednesday is brought to you by the letter M (for Minky) and the number 1 (for the #1 Photographer, evah! Joan McAlister of BellowBlue Photography in Madison, WI)

We majored in photography in college together (along with her husband, Jon) and are still super close. She did my maternity photos and Eli’s first bday photos too (I think some are hiding out in her galleries). We took advantage of her visit to us in MPLS to take some a-ma-zing photos.
So here’s a little snippet of the shoot with Adlai in her awesome Minky Newborn Fitteds!

Toddler Tuesday-Secret Toddler/Newborn Meetings

I have decided that the kids have secret meetings when I’m out of the room. They plot against me, I swear. Their latest plan has been to sleep in shifts, thus never allowing me to get a decent amount of sleep myself.

Adlai has been perfecting her “Nothing’s wrong, I just want to cry for a while” cry this past week or so. Don’t confuse this with her “Oh, what’s that? You want to wash some dishes? Nooo, I want to be held. NOW” cry or her “I can see that you are busy with important stuff so I’m going to want my swing mobile reset. Oh, oh, you’re hands are full and can’t drop everything instantly? I’m going to cry LOUDER and LOUDER till you get to a stopping point, then I’ll suddenly be content” cry.
I have provided photographic proof:
She has been taking pointers from Eli:
Eli at 4 weeks. Don’t they look the same?