New Boy Prints!

I’ve felt like I couldn’t find any super cute boyish prints lately.  Everything that caught my eye was veering towards girly.  I love girly.  I’m trying to put ruffles on anything I can right now but my original goal with The Eli Monster was to provide really nice, modern, diapers for boys since I had such a hard time when my own Eli was needing diapers.

I feel like I hit the motherload of cute boy prints lately!

I did break down and make a few girly diapers this week but wanted to get back to where were started and focus on some boyish things this week. 

Wordless Wednesday-kitchen photo shoot

I’ve been itching to start shooting again. I despise digital but don’t have access to a darkroom at the moment so I guess I need to start practicing my digi skills. Here’s a few highlights from an impromptu photo shoot last week…

And I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We did! We went to the Mississippi River headwaters and picnicked and swam and hiked. It was a long day but totally worth it.
Tony and Eli on the rocks between Lake Itaska and the Mississippi River!

Wordless Wednesday

This week I thought I’d show off the bump. This was a few weeks ago and I swear I’ve doubled in size but lately I’ve been bad about taking photos so this is what you get…

Meet Steph and the newest Monster.