What is Today?

Today is Eli’s Birthday! Happy birthday to my favorite Eli Monster in the whole wide world! We’re off to the splash pad and then the party store to pick up some plates for our cupcakes!

Thrifty Thursday Time!

This week’s Thrifty Thursday is about a desk. A free desk.
A desk that I had once, then gave away and now has come back to live with me again.
My brother and I (mainly my brother) had this wonderful piece of learning equipment when we were growing up. Then sadly we outgrew it. Funny thing about kids-they’re always growing. So the poor desk sat unloved in the corner of my brother’s room for a few years, forgot about under a constant pile of dirty laundry and action figures.
We finally gave it away to an aunt who had it repainted and put it in her kids’ room. My cousins got a lot of use out of the desk but, alas, they also outgrew it and it ended up in their basement.
So I have the desk back! It traveled from Southern Illinois to Minnesota on the back of a truck in the pouring rain to get to us but it made it! And as you can see Eli is getting a kick out of doing his “homework.”

Toddler Tuesday-Eli’s my new advertising guy

I think I talk waaaaaaaaaaay too much about the business.

Eli’s now telling everyone they should go to “E-I Monster got com.” Yes, everyone. He’s not even three and will tell strangers he meets that they should go to the website and see the cloth diapers HE makes. Or he’ll point to Adlai and tell them, “This is my baby sister, Ad-way, she has cloth diapers-go to e-i monster got com.”
So I think I’m going to promote Eli from delivery guy to Ad guy. Maybe even make him little toddler business cards to hand out to people…

Toddler Tuesday-Secret Toddler/Newborn Meetings

I have decided that the kids have secret meetings when I’m out of the room. They plot against me, I swear. Their latest plan has been to sleep in shifts, thus never allowing me to get a decent amount of sleep myself.

Adlai has been perfecting her “Nothing’s wrong, I just want to cry for a while” cry this past week or so. Don’t confuse this with her “Oh, what’s that? You want to wash some dishes? Nooo, I want to be held. NOW” cry or her “I can see that you are busy with important stuff so I’m going to want my swing mobile reset. Oh, oh, you’re hands are full and can’t drop everything instantly? I’m going to cry LOUDER and LOUDER till you get to a stopping point, then I’ll suddenly be content” cry.
I have provided photographic proof:
She has been taking pointers from Eli:
Eli at 4 weeks. Don’t they look the same?