The Vrolijk Scarflet



It’s snowing here in South Dakota.  Again?  Still?  It’s May and it did warm up enough for me to feel comfortable with planting flowers and veggies outside so I’m going to go with “the weather can’t make up its mind.”  Now that I had to grab the children’s heavier coats again, I though this would be a cute quick project to whip up with some yarn that I felt I NEEDED but then didn’t have any idea what to do with it once I got it home.  Vrolijk is Dutch for “cheerful” and that’s exactly what this scarflet is.  The cables really pop when you use a solid or kettle dyed yarn or become part of the crazy mix when you use a wild yarn like I did!


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VrolijkScarflet-3Wear it with one button for a cute over the shoulder thingamabob that adds a pop of color.


Wear it with 2 buttons fastened a little higher on your neck.

VrolijkScarflet-6 VrolijkScarflet-7 VrolijkScarflet-8

Deer in the headlights!


Getting cold?  Wear all 3 so it snugs your neck and comes all the way up to your ears!


What we’ve been doing lately.

So I took off from any attempt to blog this whole fall and into winter because, well, I’ve been busy.  REALLY busy.

Kiddo started kindergarten and one would think that having 1 less child around the house for 2 1/2 hours a day would aid in my productivity but one would think wrong.  It’s just more stuff added to my daily schedule.

Oh.  OH!  And I forgot to mention my new mode of transportation.

Yup.  I bought a bike.  A cargo bike.  Fits the kids, groceries, international packages.  All in style.  Since Kiddo’s school is 3/4 of a mile up the road and the post office is just over a mile, I thought I’d give it a go.  We went everywhere this fall.  Our weekend trips to downtown Minneapolis or up the Mississippi river on the plethora of trails are definitely some of the better parts of living here.  So easy to get everywhere (I’ve even loaded the bike down from trips to Target a few too many times).
They love it.
And then winter happened.  It happened hard.  What did I expect?  I live in Minnesota…
But Kiddo still needed to get to school.  
So we built a snow cover. In our kitchen.
Frame being formed and secured to the bucket.

Cover being sewn on.  

I made a window!

Then it got REALLY cold!  Bitter cold.  I can handle riding in temperatures down to about 21.  That’s my personal threshold.  After that it hurts to breathe and I want to punch someone at the end of the trip.  No bueno.  So the bike is parked for a few weeks till it gets up in the 20s again and maybe even stops snowing (wishful thinking).
Yes.  I rode like that a few days.  With 2 pairs of gloves.

That’s a glimpse into what’s been going on around here behind the scenes.  We’ve been busy with sewing and keeping orders going out.  I have a few new things in store (y’all should go join the newsletter to find out what new products are coming!) and am constantly searching for new prints/designs/inspiration!

Wordless Wednesday

All I can say is FINALLY! Geez, I have been waiting anxiously for almost a month for some snow and it finally came. I mean, I moved up to Minnesota for the snow (and for Tony and our family, but mainly for the snow…)

We are fortunate enough to live next to a major park system with boulevards and bike trails and lots of great trees so there I was running around like an idiot with a bright pink and green mohawk hat and camera and heavy duty tripod taking pictures in the middle of a fairly busy intersection. I had to stop when the camera started to freeze up and not work… I miss my manual cameras; they work in temps much colder than 15…

Isn’t it funny how much light pollution is given off from the city? The snow is falling so it’s reflecting a bunch of it but it just never gets super dark. I’m still adjusting to city life 2 1/2 years later…