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Toddler Tuesday-the joys of potty training and other toddler randoms

So having a (now) 3 year old around has brought up some pretty funny conversations in our household. while in the car, contemplating one stopping on a country back road or driving to a gas station “What kind of potty do you need to do?” (meaning #1 or #2) Long pause… “Uuuuh—awesome big boy potty?” […]

Toddler Tuesday-Eli’s my new advertising guy

I think I talk waaaaaaaaaaay too much about the business. Eli’s now telling everyone they should go to “E-I Monster got com.” Yes, everyone. He’s not even three and will tell strangers he meets that they should go to the website and see the cloth diapers HE makes. Or he’ll point to Adlai and tell […]

Toddler Tuesday-Secret Toddler/Newborn Meetings

I have decided that the kids have secret meetings when I’m out of the room. They plot against me, I swear. Their latest plan has been to sleep in shifts, thus never allowing me to get a decent amount of sleep myself. Adlai has been perfecting her “Nothing’s wrong, I just want to cry for […]