It’s Here! It’s Here! The Zelt Dress is Here!

The Zelt dress has been in the back of my mind for quite some time and it’s finally out and ready for the world!   I’ve always loved the shift and tent dresses from the 1960s (and again in the 1990s when I was in grade school) and just NEEDED the Kidlet to have one.  It took a few tried to get it to lay just right but when I came together, it worked wonderfully!    I paired it with an adorable wide fabric headband I made from scraps from the dress which just ups the MOD factor.

We had a teeny tiny window to shoot this in this afternoon and we took it!  It’s been rainy all week and it dried up just enough for the sidewalks to dry off before we got caught in yet another shower.

You can find the downloadable PDF pattern in sizes 6mo to 12yrs HERE!




Hits just above the knees and flairs out in the cutest way!


She’s so grown up and too cool for photo shoots.


ZeltDress-8 ZeltDress-6

Showing off some killer ninja moves.  Complete with HIYAs!


How did this teenager get into my five year old’s body!  Such attitude!  This could be her senior portrait!

ZeltDress-2She was singing Good Ship Lollipop at the top of her lungs here.  It’s the wrong decade but at least we were shooting in the music department’s building on campus and they all got a kick out her performance!

Fed-Ex Smart Post is not very smart

I’m not a happy camper right now.

After I opened up my shops after Christmas break, I went ahead and ordered some supplies for the new year.  I wasn’t in a hurry because I still had some but wanted to be prepared and not have to scurry when I WAS cutting it close.  I went ahead and ordered 20 yards of plain white PUL and a few other things to start the year off.

It’ll feel like Christmas all over again when it does arrive at least!

I wasn’t in a hurry, right?  So I marked the “Smart Post” shipping option at checkout knowing that it takes a little bit longer to get delivered.  But I wasn’t in a hurry.  I ordered just a few days into the new year and right now my poor package is hopping back and forth between MN and KS.  It’s been back and forth 3 times now.  Just back and forth, back and forth.  Like it’s on some nice little Midwest vacation.  My original delivery date has come and went.  My second delivery date was supposed to be tomorrow.  NOW I have a third delivery date for next Friday.  More than 3 weeks after the package was shipped.  Gah!

So now I’ve actually used up the last of my white PUL in the past 2 weeks (*thankyouthankyouthank for the great start to 2014*) and I get to wait.  And wait some more.  I’m working on orders that don’t need white PUL specifically and I believe that everything will still be out within the 3 week estimated turn around time but it’s still driving me insane that it’s taking so long and jamming up my sweet work flow.  I was really digging that I was caught up and production wasn’t stressing me out and I could enjoy my time in the sewing room for a change instead of worrying about everything getting out on time.

New Website and Photo Contest!

The snow is falling regularly now in South Dakota and that means we tend to hunker down inside a bit more and do more indoor activities.  We are lucky enough to live about a mile from the BEST children’s museum that we’ve been to so we are spending more and more time fixing cars or delivering mail within the colorful walls of the “Eye Splat” Museum (coined by one of the kidlets after looking at the logo).

See?  Eye Splat.

That also means that I have a little more time to sit down with the computer.  Between orders and children and baking and cleaning and chauffeuring various family members to various places around town, I managed to completely redo our web site’s design.  So pretty!  So much more in line with our current product line!  The company has grown and changed over the years and our old design just wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore.  As I’m working on the site, I realized that I don’t have any current photos of babies in our diapers.  That needs to be remedied and I don’t foresee another monster added to the family to model…

So, we’re holding a photo contest!  Would you like your little one gracing the FRONT PAGE of our site?  I want to see all your little cutie patooties in The Eli Monster!  Entry is easy.

Eerie Alley Cover

Here’s how it works:

Submit a high quality .jpg image on our Facebook wall or email me.

You may submit one photo for each diaper/print.

All photos submitted will become property of The Eli Monster to use in ads, promotions, website, etc.

The winning entry will be featured on our site so when choosing your image, think about how it highlights the diaper/clothing/teether/product.

You may submit an image from a professional shoot ONLY if you have permission to do so from the photographer.  If you have questions, please contact your photographer to make sure it’s okay.  I gladly welcome entries from newborn or birthday shoots with watermarks but only if you have the okay.

I will compile the entries and post them in an album here and you can vote for your favorite!  Be sure to tell your family and friends to come vote too!

Entries must be in by January 1st.

Winning photo will receive $25 good towards ANYTHING in the store!

Questions?  Feel free to email me at [email protected] I’m always happy to help!