This week’s Thrifty Thursday is about a desk. A free desk.
A desk that I had once, then gave away and now has come back to live with me again.
My brother and I (mainly my brother) had this wonderful piece of learning equipment when we were growing up. Then sadly we outgrew it. Funny thing about kids-they’re always growing. So the poor desk sat unloved in the corner of my brother’s room for a few years, forgot about under a constant pile of dirty laundry and action figures.
We finally gave it away to an aunt who had it repainted and put it in her kids’ room. My cousins got a lot of use out of the desk but, alas, they also outgrew it and it ended up in their basement.
So I have the desk back! It traveled from Southern Illinois to Minnesota on the back of a truck in the pouring rain to get to us but it made it! And as you can see Eli is getting a kick out of doing his “homework.”