Monthly Archives: May 2015

What the heck IS that and why do I want to make it? Free Pattern Inside

Free Knitting Pattern Bun Maker

      What IS that thing?  Why did I make it?  Why would you ever need something like that? If you have little girls, you make find yourself needing one more than you think.   A’s hair was too short to put up into a “proper” bun and she needed one for her recital […]

It’s Here! It’s Here! The Zelt Dress is Here!

The Zelt dress has been in the back of my mind for quite some time and it’s finally out and ready for the world!   I’ve always loved the shift and tent dresses from the 1960s (and again in the 1990s when I was in grade school) and just NEEDED the Kidlet to have one. […]

Introducing The Wunderschön Dress and Top!

The Wunderschön Dress and Top are wonderful for dress or every day.  The empire waist is accented with an oversized bow that will make any little girl feel extra special.  Two length options and two hem options create multiple looks out of a single pattern.  The Wunderschön can be dressed up or down, depending on […]