The Bries Cardigan PDF Sewing Pattern

Call for Testers: The Bries Cardigan

It’s starting to get chilly here in the Great Plains!  I started looking through Girly’s wardrobe and realized she has no cute inner/outerwear.  You know-hoodies/cardigans/sweatshirts that can double as a jacket on the warmer fall days.  This HAD to be remedied.  Fast.  But cardigans are so boring and predictable and Girly loves twists and turns and things that come from her shoulders so I thought I’d start the buttons right on her shoulder and continue that collar line all the way down to the bottom!


This sewing pattern is testing for sizes 12mo-12 and uses jersey or interlock knit fabrics (Michael Miller interlock shown in the sample) and uses either a ribbed bias binding or Fold Over Elastic.  Snaps close the cardigan so it’s ultra easy to fasten; no fiddling with buttons.


I think she’s being a teapot? Or is that her Contrapposto pose? *shrugs*
This post was brought to you by the letter C.

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