Our first BOY pattern! Testers needed!

The Hemd Shirt PDF Sewing Pattern

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€ (we call him “E Money” and thought it would be funny to write it like the Euro sign) has been asking me to make him something one of these days.  We’ve all been couped up in the house this winter break and I decided it was the perfect time to make him something boyish and simple.  His favorite color is lime green and picked out the charcoal and green knit jersey and requested the funny little green gussets in the underarm.  I think they’re the perfect little shot of color in an unexpected place.

The collar is simple with a facing that leads to the button (or snap in our case) placket.  The fit is slim but has enough ease to run and play and stretch (without looking sloppy or bulky).

Testing for sizes 6mo-12 yr.  You will need approximately 1yd of cotton jersey or interlock and .25 yrd cotton interlock or jersey for the accents.

I will starting testing this pattern on 1-11-15.


Tester (2 of 2)



One thought on “Our first BOY pattern! Testers needed!

  1. Celia Butcher says:

    I’d like to test this — my grandson is 7 and very skinny. He sees everything I make for his sister and wants something, too!

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