It’s National Craft Month

Spring cleaning is well under way at The Monster Household and I’m really taking stock of what I have, what I need to pass on to other crafters and what I need to buy to finish my umpteen million WIP hanging out in the studio.  So many projects that just need a button or snap or hem or one tiny detail that would make it finished and ready to wear.  But they never seem to get to that point because I never make a list of all that little stuff I need and when I’m “in town” (the nearest town with a decent fabric store is an hour away) I forget everything I actually need and bring home a ton of stuff I don’t need.

This year I’m making a point to get a list together and just order what I need online so I can finally finish my projects (cough,mittensthatweneeded5monthsago,cough) and start clearing off some of the counters and shelves in my sewing room.  Craftsy is having a sale on supplies now through the 27th so I’m heading over to snag some things at awesome prices!


Craftsy Sale- up to 60% off supplies!


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