It’s hard, y’all…

Adulting.  It’s so fucking hard.

The last few weeks have felt like I’m just putting out small fires that surround me.  And that has corresponded with the start of the jabber jaw phase in Girly’s life.  So now my life is being narrated in hyper speed in addition to having to perform 3 tasks at once, constantly.  Which has turned my mind into utter mush, making me completely incapable of finishing even the smallest thing.

I’ve been *supposed* to just rewrite 3 steps in a new pattern to finish off the collar a little nicer and hide some exposed seams.  Easy enough, right?  Sure, except I haven’t had a chance to even walk downstairs to the sewing room to reshoot said 3 steps in almost a week because some child is DYING of hunger (even though they are well over the age to reach up on the counter and grab a damn apple themselves) or the living room looks like child tornado has swept through it or dinner is burning or someone has the absolute hardest homework known to mankind or some other adult in the house needs to interact with me (I’m really over interacting with other human beings at this point in time).

I accepted a custom picture framing position at the beginning of the year and negotiated down to part time and only when Girly was in school and didn’t realize that I really really miss that uninterrupted work time to sew or write or even just housework or give myself 23 minutes to zone out with an Episode of Futurama and a frozen egg roll during my “lunch hour.”  I really miss that time.  I thoroughly enjoy making pretty picture frames and getting geeked out by the art I get to touch (I may or may not have sat and breathed in a Henry Cartier-Bresson print for about an hour once) but I’m worn out, yo.

I’m gonna go knit for a bit and try to hide from my kids (I hear the empty space behind the washing machine is nice this time of year) and avoid dinner long enough everyone just wanders into the kitchen and makes themselves a bowl of cereal.

I’m around, I’m still sketching and working behind the scenes.  I have a shit-ton of new ideas and even ordered fabric to make them (because I can’t just use what I have, right?).  I’ll be posting some calls for testers soon(ish) and releasing some new patterns.  In the meantime, go check out this blog.  She’s much better at being witty about the crappy part of parenting and is going through the chaos of young children that all of us are going though.


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