Crazy, Insane Password Requirements

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that our site was requiring some insane passwords to even register for an account.  So I thought I’d give it a try and sign myself up for another tester account.  Wowzers (channeling my inner Inspector Gadget) that was INCREDIBLY frustrating!  I suspect the recent facelift to the site might have caused the change.


So last night I decided to get down to work and pinpoint a solution for this problem.  A whole lot of googling and a few glasses of wine later, I decided I was overwhelmed and handed the computer over to the husband (he’s a “professor of the internet” so if anyone could make this work, he should be able to) and finally got a fix.  Usually it’s a one woman show but sometimes I just have to put my hands up and admit to not being able to fix something myself.

If anyone had problems yesterday registering for the site, please try again today.  The new requirements still point out weak passwords but do NOT keep you from registering with your preferred password choice.  If you purchased a pattern from us as a guest to avoid making an impossible password, please register now and purchase one of the free patterns (The Tropisch Dress is a great one) so I have an order attached to your new account.  Then email me and I will add your other purchases to your account (I can only do that with an order on file so it’s important that you make that free purchase prior to emailing me.

I super apologize for any frustrations the crazy password requirements caused anyone.  As a token of my appreciation for everyone who had to deal with that yesterday (I was told that I had “the worst website ever.” OUCH!), I would like to offer 20% off any future purchase with the coupon code **    UghPasswordsWhy2017    **

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