Sewing Pattern Giveaway

Let’s Celebrate!

Quietly overnight, The Eli Monster reached 10,000 followers on Instagram and I thought I’d celebrate so many people interested in sewing and making things so I thought I’d have a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY in addition to a MASSIVE SALE (keep your eyes peeled for that announcement…squeeeeee)!  While you check out all our $5 patterns, take a look below and enter to win one of many sewing patterns and gift cards from a team of wonderful designers.  Hang out in their groups for a bit and get to know any of the designers you aren’t familiar with.  I’m just so excited to host this sewing pattern giveaway!

Sewing Pattern Giveaway


If you are new here, take a peek around our patterns and blog and be sure to join The Eli Monster’s Show and Tell Group on Facebook and ask any questions you may have.  I’m always happy to help!

I’d love to know one sewing technique or idea you want to know more about!

I am just so so SO excited to announce this amazing giveaway featuring some pretty darn amazing fellow indie PDF designers!

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