Introducing our new Ambassadors!

Hi everyone!

I’m super excited about our brand new ambassadors!  This is our first month working together and it was a BLAST!  To celebrate our new collaboration, I’ve teamed up with a few of the bloggers in the group to create our very first sewing blog tour-this one is called Back to School!

Let’s take a look at today’s blog posts!

Nathalie from Seams Normal made this STUNNING pair of The Speeltijd Shorts!  LOVE the piping!

A yellow pair of shorts made from The Speeltijd Shorts sewing pattern by Seams Normal.

How cute are those!!!

And Alison from A Random Knack made this super pretty Picknick Dress with complimentary fabrics.  Doesn’t she look like she’s off to have the most tasty picnic ever?  I bet there’s cake in that basket.  Because all good picnics includes cake.

The Picknick Dress sewing pattern used to make white dress by a random knack

The light airy tree print is just amazing!

Stay tuned all week.  We have a lot more projects to show off!
16 september: Threadistry
17 september: She Who Sews and Frullemieke
18 september: Big Fly notions and Soveryjo
19 september: A siwsiw thingMother from girl and boy and Marieke Falderieke

All week the patterns featured in our blog tour are on sale for $7!
The Speeltijd Shorts

The Kinderschürze Pinafore

The Picknick Dress

The Schatje Skirt

The Kamp Shirt


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