Boy wearing green plaid tshirt made from The Drop Tee Sewing Pattern

Tester Call: The Drop and Zoet Tees

We are going to be testing 2 great t-shirt patterns at the same time.  The Drop is your classic, but GREAT fitting, tee and The Zoet is the “daintier” version.  This testing round is for the kid sized patterns for these designs.  Please let me know if you are interested in the grown up versions of these patterns and I can get started on those!

Boy wearing green plaid tshirt made from The Drop Tee Sewing Pattern

The Drop Tee is a classic, but not boxy t-shirt (tee-shirt?  tee?  How the heck do y’all spell it?) with a crew neck and either short or long sleeves.  There’s a wee bit of added length to keep the silhouette modern and up to date.  This is a great pattern to use with all those custom fabrics everyone’s gaga over!  

Apply here for the Drop Tee.

Girl wearing tie dyed tshirt made from The Zoet Tee sewing pattern

The Zoet Tee is the more fitted cousin of The Drop Tee.  The Zoet Tee features slightly shorter sleeves, a more open neckline with a daintier neckband and a more fitted waist than the unisex Drop Tee.  The Zoet Tee includes both long and short sleeve options and the same modern longer length like The Drop Tee.

Apply here for The Zoet Tee.

I’m contemplating drafting the adult sizes for these t-shirt too. Comment below if you want some patterns in your size too!

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