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15k Celebration

I can’t believe we’re already at 15,000 Instagram followers. It feels like yesterday when we were celebrating 5,000 followers.

To celebrate, we’re kicking off an entire week of sewing pattern giveaways, fun projects and a HUGE SALE! I’m talking HUGE!

While you check out all our $5 patterns, take a look below and enter to win one of many sewing patterns, custom fabric and gift cards from a team of wonderful designers.  Hang out in their groups for a bit and get to know any of the designers you aren’t familiar with.  I’m just so excited to host this sewing pattern and fabric giveaway!

Our Facebook Group

If you are new here, take a peek around our patterns and blog and be sure to join The Eli Monster’s Show and Tell Group on Facebook and ask any questions you may have.  I’m always happy to help! Our group is growing every day and getting more active. It makes me so pumped to share sewing with others who enjoy it like me and to help make it more enjoyable by sharing any sewing knowledge and experiences I have with others.  I absolutely LOVE seeing posts about conquering “firsts”- first The Eli Monster pattern, first time sewing a knit fabric, first time doing a neckband, first zipper, etc.

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The Eli Monster 15k celebration info page

I am just so so SO excited to announce this amazing giveaway featuring some pretty darn amazing fellow indie PDF designers and fabric designers!

Want to win some additional entries?

Head over to our Facebook Group and upload a picture of your favorite The Eli Monster Creation and tag it with the hashtag #TEM15kCelebration.

Or, post the photo to Instagram and use the  #TEM15kCelebration hashtag and tag us @theelimonster.

Altertantively, post a photo to Twitter and use the same #TEM15kCelebration hashtag and tag us @theelimonster.

Or post in your favorite sewing group or forum that allows posts like this (please follow all group rules) with the hashtag and a link back to his post and let other sewists know about the celebration. If you have an affiliate link, you can use that, but again, please follow the group/forum rules.

Each photo you post will earn 3 additional entries into the sewing pattern giveaway. So you can post to all three places and get 12 additional entries. And then you can post another outfit from a TEM sewing pattern the next day and get 12 more entries!!!

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What’s your favorite sewing project? Comment below!

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