The Aardbei Dress is ready to TEST!

I made this dress for an upcycling challenge and the requests for making it into a pattern have come rolling in since!  It seemed like there was always something that needed to be done right away and this poor dress kept getting pushed to the back burner. But back burner, no more!  

The Aardbei Dress has a super adorable color block bodice that features a racerback with button placket.  The full gathered skirt is perfect for that border print you have in your stash and the bodice has adorable accent pieces on the sides.  It’s made for those little bits of scrap fabric you can’t part with but aren’t big enough for a full outfit.

Sized 12m-12  AND Teen 14-Misses.  Testing should wrap up Monday, October 7 with a release date of Thursday, October 10, 2019.

*And can I cry a little bit about how much older Girly looks in the pink dress???  She canNOT be growing up on me!

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