Testing Call: The Adult Rondje Top

You know how something’s on your list of stuff you really want to do but somehow you never end up doing it?  Like that super cool vacation (cough, Arches National Park, cough) or painting your front door a bright color?

Yeah, that’s this project for me.  I’ve wanted to draft this pattern for, like, ever, and something else always came up.  

But no more.  I set aside some time this winter break, ignored the kids for a few hours and decided that THIS was the project that needed to be worked on.  And I’m super glad I did it!  The grown-up version is just as cute as the kid version and sosososososososo cozy too!

The Details:

  • Misses Sizes
  • Uses fleece or other non fraying fabric
  • Optional knit lining (for a contrasting inside)
  • Optional knit binding (for the contrasting inside option)
  • Uses 1.5-2 yards of 56″ wide fabric

Testing runs from Wednesday, January 8-Wednesday January 15th (once you have the fabric, this cardigan takes less than an hour to print, assemble and sew).

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