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Check out The Sewing Summit!

We’re participating in The Sewing Summit again this fall. The theme is Upcycling and our session is packed full of tips and tricks and what to look for when choosing something to upcycle.

The Sewing Summit is a totally FREE online event where you’ll get 20 free classes and tutorials from pattern designers, sewing bloggers, pattern testers, and one from me! 

You can join in from anywhere in the world, and tune in for any or all of the classes you are interested in ?

You’ll be learning from talented pattern designers, expert sewing bloggers, and highly-experienced pattern testers.

With Upcycling Sewing classes from the beginner through to advanced, there’s something for everyone. You’ll learn everything from upcycling t-shirts… to creating memory quilts… to artsy jackets… to memory bears!

Follow along online, from the comfort of your own home for FREE 

→ Get your ticket today!

3 thoughts on “Check out The Sewing Summit!”

  1. Thank you for your class on the Sewing Summit, August 2020. I especially enjoyed your tips on how to resize a Tshirt. I sewed many, many T-shirts when my kids were young and you could still get good quality knits for a good price in the US. Now, with most things being manufactured in foreign countries, it makes good sense to use material from a shirt that’s too big, rather than spend a small fortune for new material. I like your ideas for reusing existing hems. I also like the same fabric used on neck edges for girls & women, but I prefer ribbing for the guys.

  2. I found your website through the sewing summit. Thank you for the tutorial on how to shorten a zipper! I had always done it by shortening the bottom, so your tutorial was totally new and different!

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