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This is my first Friday Find. What’s a Friday Find, one may ask? It’s a collage of great etsy (or hyenacart or trendy indie) stuff that I find to be great and fit into a theme.

This week’s theme:


Because I’m officially announcing to the world that there is going to be another monster in our house in April! So I’ve been on the hunt for great maternity wear because all of my stuff from Eli has gone missing in our move this summer and I’m stuck with 1 pair of low rise jeans and a few sweatshirts. Not that thrilling-I wanna look cute when we go out and about in town!

First Row:

  • Knocked Up tee by JellybeanApparel. Cute tee-Tony used to tell people that I was a professional turkey thief when they would ask me if I was pregnant and it was veeeery obvious that I was.
  • Skully Ruffle Tunic by MamaSanMaternity. I. Must. Have. This. Top. I think it will be a great self birthday present!
  • Gown2Go Designer Hospital Gown by LilyandLou. I so wish I had the cash to spend on one of these gowns. The gown the hospital provides are usually so worn out and kinda gross. The one I had when I was in with Eli was actually TAPED together. I would give anything for a nice pretty gown for such an important day.

Second Row:

  • Anais Marguerite Blouse by Zorya. This is such a pretty blouse. While it’s technically not maternity, you can still wear it for quite a while and it would transition nicely into your post baby wardrobe. I could wear this with dress pants for work and then throw on a pair of jeans and hit the galleries in the evening!
  • Matted I’m So Crafty, I Make People print by MuthaCrafter. I seriously heart this graphic and used it as my facebook avatar when I was pregnant with Eli. They have it in all sorts of forms-tees, buttons, prints-whatever your heart desires!
  • Belly Band by RunSystem63. I love this belly band. I don’t know if I’ll have to buy *real* maternity pants or if I can get away with the rubberband through the button hole again this time. Belly bands are great for covering that gap between your shirt and jeans and eliminate possible plumber’s crack…

Third Row:

  • Starburst Maternity Tunic by XYFactory. This is super cute and is totally a departure from all the pinks and blues and fluffy bunnies that adorns maternity wear in major retail chains. The shop has a lot of great stuff for moms-to-be that don’t want to give up their entire personality just because they are having a babe.
  • Short Sleeve Corsage Tee by Ellainaboutique. Again, not a true maternity top but one that would make it most of the way through your pregnancy and help with the transition back to regular clothes. This one got to my girly side-I have a thing for pretties…
  • Scribble Guitar Maternity Tee by DiscoBelly. A great basic graphic tee. One can never have enough basic tees and they should all have awesome designs on them! The guitar was my favorite out of the shop but there are a lot of other designs over there!

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