Thrifty Thursday

How long did it take me to figure out that Thrifty Thursday sounds better than Thrifty Tuesday? I’m embarrassed to admit it…

So I’m changing up my schedule. And I’ll do it again if I feel inclined to do so. Look at me dripping with power!

I had a hard time coming up with something so write about this week. What do my readers (what few readers I have) want to learn about? I don’t want to talk about only cloth diapers-that is too boring-and I don’t only want to give house tips-I do have a life outside of the house. So I’m stuck with nothing to write about.

So this week I thought I’d share an older pic of Eli’s changing table and diaper area which cost a whopping $5…

That’s right-$5 for the whole station. Tony and I were juuuuuust out of college (I was taking Graduate classes and Tony was graduating with his BFA about 3 weeks before Eli was born) so we were broke. as. a. joke. We had nothing but a large and loving family to help us put a nursery together. Let’s break this thing down:

  • Table-FREE! It’s the upper half of a larger chrome shelving unit. The bottom half went in our front closet.
  • Changing pad-FREE! Coupons and discounts equaling value from Target.
  • Changing pad covers-FREE! I made them from fabric left over from Eli’s quilt.
  • Basket with changing accoutrements-FREE! Tin was leftover from an Easter basket. It fit perfectly into the extra space on the top of the table.
  • Basket with diapers-FREE! Given as a shower gift. I’ve since spray painted it black and added a nice skull liner in it to match the room better.
  • Basket with woolies-FREE! Again a gift-I’ve since switched out the ribbon for a black one.
  • Two green bins holding toys-$5. These were the only things I bought for that part of the room. They were on clearance at Walmart after school started. I love these things and hope to find some more somewhere…

The stainless pail in the corner was Eli’s diaper pail. Worked great and was a gift from Tony’s mom. It now resides in our kitchen as a real trashcan.

The black column on the right hand side of the pic is an old locker that my grandfather bartered for probably 20 years ago. My dad made shelves for the inside and repainted that and it’s twin black for my brother when he was a kid. The pair is now split up and I used mine as a pantry in college.

And while I’m talking about Eli’s old nursery, here’s some more pics…

Eli’s stash-most were made before I started doing prints so he doesn’t have the snazzy stash I’d like him to have.

This was his crib when he was itty bitty. We bought the crib at a second hand store (Once Upon a Child) and sanded it down and painted it a nice charcoal grey. I made the bedding with fabric from my stash and made a coordinating taggie too.

I wish I had a picture of Eli’s dresser. It’s a yard sale find that Tony bought in college and then took off most of the ugly 70s trim and repainted the same grey as the crib and lime green for the drawer fronts.

Eli’s room has changed a little now that we are in the new house-we painted his room a nice mid grey and bought different curtain rods now that he has two smaller windows instead of one massive one. But it’s still essentially the same for now…

Now I just have to figure out how to reinvent some other pieces around the house to incorporate into the room by April when there’ll be TWO kiddos in there…

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