Why It’s All Worth It

Being a mom and being a business owner is tough work. Sometimes I wonder if it’s too much for me to handle. Sometimes I want to throw my hands up in the air and give up.

But sometimes it’s all worth it…


Eli’s totally in his terrible twos. Hard. He tries my patience and it testing his boundaries at any given moment. Temper tantrums, telling us “no,” selective hearing, contradicting us just to contradict, the list can go on.

But sometimes, like this morning, it’s all worth it. I’m busy cutting diapers out and Eli’s drawing at my desk. All of a sudden he looks up like a lightbulb turns on and he climbs down from the chair, walks over to me, smiles, and tells me his cheek has a boo boo. So I bend over and kiss his cheek. He just grins ear to ear and tells me “Thank you, my cheek is alllllllll better, Mommy, but forehead has boo boo.” So I kiss his forehead. Again the grin and a request for a nose kiss. Once again, huuuuuuuuge grin and a “Thank you!” and off he toddles back to his drawings.

Not even 5 minutes later, he climbs back down from his chair and tells me that “Mommy – a boo boo on your cheek; I kiss.” So I lean over and he kisses my cheek and gives me a big hug and runs off to play with his cars.

I just melted. My baby is growing up and becoming a caring compassionate little boy!


I love feedback. Good or bad, it all helps the company grow and improve. Every once in a while a customer will go above and beyond and it just makes my day!

I have recently started donating diapers to mommy bloggers to review and another to give away to their readers.

Tony grabs the mail and sorts it and tosses me a little envelope. It was a thank you card from a recent giveaway winner! It just touched me so much! To take time out of your busy day to sit down and hand write a thank you card means so much!!!


So Eli’s headed down with Tony to visit the grandparents for a few days while Tony goes to a conference thingy and I catch up on orders and get some much needed sleep and I’m missing my boys already (they’ve been gone a whopping 2 hours). Between the uninterrupted work time and the thank you card that totally re-energized my work mojo, I’m going to kick butt at production this weekend. And take some amazing naps, too!

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  1. aweeeee….. I have those moments with mine too… and I have the total chaos *throwing up hands* moments as well… but all the bad moments can’t possibly overpower the tiny good ones… they make it all worth while… :) Keep rockin mama!

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