Friday Finds

Two kiddos have really worn me out lately. I took a break from blogging for a while to allow me some time to tie up some loose strings before Adlai made her appearance but now I’m back and hopefully will keep to this schedule I have set out for myself (hahahahaha-me? Stick to a schedule? When has THAT ever happened?).

So today is Friday, which means Friday Finds. I love wasting time on Etsy and Hyenacart for great stuff to pine over but lately I’ve been addicted to those websites that are a “daily deal” type of shop. These sites offer one or a few items each day at great prices and you never know what type of product is going to be sold so you have to check in every day. I usually wake up, make Eli some breakfast and myself a cup of tea (chai tea with lot’s o’ milk-my newest obsession), and now get Adlai up and in her mei tai or my arms, hop on downstairs and check out my little bookmarked list of Daily Deals sites.

  • Babysteals.com Great one product a day site for baby pretties. They have cloth diapers quite often for great prices.
  • Mambargains.com This site has baby things AND things for bigger kids. There’s a time-out pad that keeps popping up on the site that I want to try for Eli since he’s the KING of timeouts right now. It’s like he has a timeout quota that he has to fill each day…
  • BabyHalfOff.com Another great one-product-a-day site. This one also has cloth quite frequently. I stalk this one the most.
  • bTrendie.com This site offers more than one brand/product at a time. Everything from baby clothes to maternity/nursing wear to lunchboxes are offered.
  • Zulily.com Another site that offers multiple brands each day. Lots of organic stuff on this site.
  • TheMiniSocial.com Yet another awesome site that offers multiple baby brands per day. There’s some Mad Sky stuff up right now that I’m finding particularly drool worthy.

Some of these sites offer $10 for new members who were invited by an existing member so if you want an invite email to take advantage of that, post your email in the comments section and I’ll hook you up.

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