It’s the weekend…

and we’re on the road as usual. We go everywhere on the weekends. This time we’re in Springfield for a wedding of a good friend from college. The wedding was nice. Short, but nice. Most of our friends from school were unable to make it so we took the opportunity to catch up with friends that weren’t in my immediate social circle, you know, the kids who went to the same bars (or bowling alley on Wednesday nights) and sat with you at the same tables but not the ones you necessarily showed up with or made plans with-they just happened to be friends of friends.

So we had a lovely time at the wedding and reception. Adlai smiled and coo’ed at everyone (she’s a genius! Already social smiling!) and Eli ran to the dance floor and started break dancing at any chance he could get. That was after he decided that he liked everyone enough to give each person at our table “5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.” Yes, I typed that right, he likes to reward people with eye contact. He’s going to be the master of staring contests on the playground a few years from now…
Aaaaannnnd, we say our goodbyes, promise to call everyone who’s number we have, Facebook those who’s number’s we don’t have, and hit the road back to Tony’s parents’ house. And run into the Mutha of All Storms. Lightning so constant that the sky is lit up at some point in the sky at any given moment. The weather reports talk about tornadoes and wind damage and flash floods and we’re headed right into the center of the storm. So we checked into the last room available in the city and hunker down for the evening. Not our first choice but with two kids, you decide to play it safe more often than not…
Minnesota just does not have electrical storms like Illinois has. Illinois has some seriously beautiful bouts of lightning. I miss that. A lot. It stormed the night before Adlai was born and in between contractions I would lament about how I was missing the ONE good storm that Minnesota would have all year. I guess this one makes up for the lack of them in the Great North.
So I’m sitting here in our hotel room with a baby asleep on my chest and a toddler running around trying not to fall asleep. I love the weekends-I never know where I’m going to be or what’s going to happen!

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