Thrifty Thursday-what $0.50 and a few minutes can make

Girly has been showing a ton of interest in eating solids lately. I had every intention of delaying solids but when the child is grabbing your hand and shoving whatever food she can get into her mouth, I figured it was time…

So the other morning Eli and I headed off to the store to pick up some things for the week. We picked up some things for veggie soup (damn you Tony for becoming a vegetarian-I’m really missing meat and am a little bitter about having to relearn how to cook tasty meals sans meaty goodness).

We get to the baby aisle and I’m looking at these teeny jars of baby food. Eli decides that her first “baby” food should be carrots because he likes the color orange. I pick up a jar and place it in the cart. Wait-did I just put a $0.49 jar of carrots on top of a $1.00 bunch of fresh carrots? Am I missing something here? Is there a magic ingredient in there that I’m missing? Nope, check the label. No rainbow dust or other logically magical ingredient to make baby a genius or potty train by 12 months or learn 5 languages before the age of 3. Just carrots. Well, hell, I can do that.

We come home, put lunch in the oven and I start to chop veggies for the soup for dinner. I had 2 carrots left and not enough peas to really do anything so I went ahead and boiled them for a bit, threw them through the food processor and voila! Baby food! Why do people think this is so hard to do? I put the puree in an ice cube tray we had around and it’s freezing right now. The cubes will get thrown in freezer bags and I can grab a few each morning to stick in the fridge till it’s time to eat.

So how much money did I save?
12 jars of stage 1 baby food = $6
2 carrots left over from a $1 bag = $0.25
Handful of peas from $1 bag = eh, lets round up to a quarter since I don’t really know.

Total saved for just this small amount? $5.50 Whoo-hoo!

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday-what $0.50 and a few minutes can make”

  1. i have a friend who did this with her third child, and she thinks it helped #3 be less of a picky eater than the first 2 since she was already used to those tastes.

  2. i believe cooking carrots loses some of there nutrition though the jars have sorta a idk very chunky look to them idk if the really cook those first or not?

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