Thrifty Thursday-Shutterfly and Why I Love Them So…

I love doing photo cards. Most of the time they are very cost prohibitive so I end up just designing them and leaving them in my cart and going out to the store and buying regular cards and sticking a regular photo in them. Blegh.

This year Shutterfly has given photo cards to some bloggers to design and write about. I am seriously in LOVE with some of the designs-they’re what I’d do if I had the time to start a card from scratch (which I don’t so I usually end up picking the least worst from the choices on the various online printing places). I had a hard time picking a design b/c I wanted about half of them.

A few of my friends took special holiday photos for their cards. My darling children have stopped cooperating so a new photo shoot was out of the question. So what’s a girl to do when all of your photos turn out like this:

You do a year in review! So instead of trying to get that ONE good shot, you can pick and choose bits and pieces of old photos to get this:

Take a bunch of snapshots and convert them to black and white (shutterfly can do that for you if you don’t have the software to do it yourself) and voila! A nice photo card.

I won’t show you the inside of the card b/c a lot of family members read my blog and I don’t want to tooootally give it away. And it’s borderline cheesy so I don’t want y’all to make fun of me! I had a ton of choices for photo placement in the upper half of my card and went with a 3 image option-one for each child and one for both of them together (which is a rare thing to get-I think I had a whopping 5 photos of them together in the umpteen million photos I have in my computer).

I’ve used Shutterfly in the past. I like them-the site is easy to work with and if you sign up for the newsletter, you get a ton of discounts and freebies. Unfortunately I’m a girl that loves to plan but when it comes down to executing said plan, well…I don’t wanna talk about that.

My job ended 6 weeks before Eli was born so I had a lot of time on my hands and made his birth announcement from scratch. All I needed to do was insert his newbie pics and info in and get them printed. Uh, that never happened. So when Adlai was born I went with some birth announcements from Shutterfly (these, to be specific). Guess where they are? NOT in other people’s homes unfortunately. My poor children will be in high school before people get their birth announcements.

I would love to live closer to family and friends so I could have parties for my children and send out nifty birthday cards and invites. We’re more of a phone call type of family when we do plan to get together…

And how cute would it be to put a snapshot of your child’s class on a mug and give it to their teacher for a gift? Under $15 and I bet that that gift wouldn’t be put in the cupboard with the rest of them.

Everyone cross your fingers and hope that these cards make their way to the mail this year!!!

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