New blog address, New stuff coming

I promise.

I’ve neglected this poor blog so much these last couple of months.  Between kids, the business, my ever-gone husband (either working away at school or traveling the world) and, just, stuff, the blog has been neglected like crazy.


There’s a new web address, a new look and lots of new content floating around my idea bulletin board (think Pinterest…but real…).  

I have grand plans to do weekly posts with themes for the day but we’ll see if life gets in the way (again).

But in the mean time, lets enjoy some fluff!

What I’ve been working on this week

Or how about some production shots?

Ruffles!  Ruffles!  Ruffles!  I ♥ making tutus!

Or maybe a personal project?

Shorties/Skirtie…Skorties???  Whatever you want to call them, Kidlet doesn’t want to take them off.  Ever.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m super excited to finally tie this into my main site and hopefully it can become a regular thing around the Monster’s headquarters!

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