Fed-Ex Smart Post is not very smart

I’m not a happy camper right now.

After I opened up my shops after Christmas break, I went ahead and ordered some supplies for the new year.  I wasn’t in a hurry because I still had some but wanted to be prepared and not have to scurry when I WAS cutting it close.  I went ahead and ordered 20 yards of plain white PUL and a few other things to start the year off.

It’ll feel like Christmas all over again when it does arrive at least!

I wasn’t in a hurry, right?  So I marked the “Smart Post” shipping option at checkout knowing that it takes a little bit longer to get delivered.  But I wasn’t in a hurry.  I ordered just a few days into the new year and right now my poor package is hopping back and forth between MN and KS.  It’s been back and forth 3 times now.  Just back and forth, back and forth.  Like it’s on some nice little Midwest vacation.  My original delivery date has come and went.  My second delivery date was supposed to be tomorrow.  NOW I have a third delivery date for next Friday.  More than 3 weeks after the package was shipped.  Gah!

So now I’ve actually used up the last of my white PUL in the past 2 weeks (*thankyouthankyouthank for the great start to 2014*) and I get to wait.  And wait some more.  I’m working on orders that don’t need white PUL specifically and I believe that everything will still be out within the 3 week estimated turn around time but it’s still driving me insane that it’s taking so long and jamming up my sweet work flow.  I was really digging that I was caught up and production wasn’t stressing me out and I could enjoy my time in the sewing room for a change instead of worrying about everything getting out on time.

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