Sofilantjes Amare Top-MADE!

I was given the chance to test the new Amare Top/Dress from Sofilantjes  this past week.  It’s a princess seam top or dress with an option of a bow front or tie back.  The pieces and bow options allow this top to have endless looks from the same pattern.  I chose a top with the bow in front.  It was a quick sew once I adjusted for Girly’s leanness.  The pattern gives clear instructions on how to mash up 2 bodice sizes for a custom fut but I found that her tall shoulders only needed a wee bit of extra length in the straps to fit wonderfully.




Farmer’s tan. Awesome…


The Ninja Girly. Apparently you can fight bad guys in this top too…


The pattern gives you button or snap options and since I swear I’m allergic to button holes, I chose the snap version.  I had some of this lovely black and white quilting cotton laying around in my tiny summer vacation fabric stash so that’s what I used for both the side and center panels.  You can get a lovely color blocking thing going by making them different.

Overall, I thought it was a pleasant sew.  It came together flawlessly and the instructions are illustrated nicely with some color photographs to clarify specific steps in the process.

Girly’s comments:  “It’s Cuuuute, Mom.  You know I don’t ‘do cute’ but I think kindergarten requires cute sometimes.”  So I think that’s a positive from the tiny fashion critic???  **Mind you, she also brought me a cherry tomato the other week and told me that she thought they tasted “woody” so we have a very opinionated child with a vocabulary too big for her own good.  Whatevs, I have a cousin who would ADORE this style (CUUUUTEPRINCESSSSSSS is her middle name); I think I’ll make some more for Em…  ;)

Sofilantje is having a sale today and tomorrow only (7-31 to 8-1).  The pattern is $5 (normally $8.95).


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