Frogging my sweater


I knit.   A lot.  Like a lot,  a lot.  Like a few things a week a lot.

But I have never knit a sweater for myself.

Not for lack of effort.  I scour Ravelry fall after fall, collecting all my favorite sweater patterns that would be good possibilities.  And yet, each winter, i do not have a sweater to show for my time.  Why?

Because I keep frogging the things.  I don’t know how many half sweaters I’ve made.  At least 5.  And yet, last night, I frogged another one I started about a month ago and started a different one.  I usually know by about 3 inches in to the sweater that I’m not going to like it but I proceed on until it’s about halfway finished before I give up…

So, let’s hope that this sweater sticks and I finish the darn thing this time.  ;)


Do you ever do that?  Just frog and frog the same thing over and over again until something clicks?

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