How to patch jeans the easy way

Fixing Holes in your Jeans (the easy way)

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Up until about a week ago, I owned one pair of jeans.  One single lonely pair of jeans.  The rest had slowly died painful deaths.  I knew my time was limited and went out on the search for another pair of jeans.  That search lasted months.  Possibly even a year.  But then, at Target (?!?), I found my wonder jeans.  They fit perfectly.

Rejoicing, I brought them home and laid them out on the bed to admire the fact that I ACTUALLY bought a pair of jeans, bend over to admire a detail and Rrrrrppppppp-I felt a tug and a pop and there went my old pair.  The hole was small, but in a place that would be embarrassing to wear in public so it needed to be fixed because, dammit, I’m not going to go any longer with only a single pair of jeans.

So I went to my local big box store (I live an hour from the nearest fabric store-it really keeps my crafting in check) and grabbed this patch:
BONDEX WORN DENIM 5″ x 7″ IRON ON MENDING PATCHES (2),Clothing, Repair, No Sew


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Cheap and easy.

Cut a square (or rectangle) that is big enough to cover the hole but not too much bigger.  Don’t let it overlap any seam.  That will rub your leg/derriere and you won’t want to wear your newly mended jeans and negate any benefit of actually fixing the darn things.

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Iron that bad boy like there’s no tomorrow.  I mean really get it stuck on there good.  **Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and don’t just crank your iron up as hot as it will go because I will bet good money that you melt something…**

Now, if you’re feeling particularly mend-y today, I would go ahead and stitch around the edge of the patch.  I was extremely lazy and used whatever thread was on top and just changed my bobbin thread to navy to blend in to the dark denim I was mending.

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Now that you’re sitting down at the sewing machine with your jeans in your hands, look over them and find any holes that are about to form.  You can either patch them the same way or even just run a zig zag over the thin areas to reinforce them a bit.

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The hole is still visible but it’s only the size of a quarter and won’t get any bigger. Note the zig zag fast repair just above the seam.


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All fixed! Now I can wear them without risking mooning someone!

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