free wetbag video tutorial

FREE Wetbag Video Tutorial

I recently made another video for Michael Miller Fabrics featuring their new line called Everglades by Betsy Siber.  I just ADORE this fabric.  So much so that it was hard for me to even cut into it!  Girly did end up getting new pajama pants and, for the video tutorial, I decided to go with the general theme and made a wetbag.  Wetbags are generally used for cloth diapers but are also great for general kid messy clothes, swimsuits, gym clothes, even messier snacks.   Take a look at this free wetbag video tutorial below:

This tutorial is for a medium sized bag.

Materials Needed

    • 2 15×15″ (12.7×12.7 cm) squares of your main fabric
    • 2 15×15″ (12.7×12.7 cm) squares of your PUL fabric for inside the bag
    • 1 15″ zipper
    • 12″ (30.5cm) wide grosgrain ribbon for the handle

You can make these bags any size you want; just make sure all 4 squares (or rectangles) are the same size and that your zipper is as long than the top edge of your fabric.  Your zipper can be longer, but not shorter.

Make a ton of these bags!  We have quite a few floating around for trips to the beach or if the kids have “river day” at school.  Yes, we have river days.  They do experiments in the water behind the school.  I started sending dry clothes after E tripped and ended up all wet!

If you want to use this tutorial as a cloth diaper wetbag, check out our Newborn Hybrid Fitted, our Cloth Diaper Cover and our All In One Cloth Diaper patterns.

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