The Brand Ambassador Search is ON!

Do you love The Eli Monster patterns?  Would you love to get a few FREE patterns?  We are opening up our very first search for brand ambassadors for The Eli Monster and would love to have YOU!

What is a Brand Ambassador?

An ambassador for The Eli Monster gets a free pattern each month for 6 months to sew up and talk about on your social media accounts and blog.  You get a continuous stream of content to publish and grow your own blogs or social media.  Each month will be slightly different.  Some months will be themed and some will be more open-ended.  I will provide a variety of options and you get to pick the pattern you’d like to sew.  You have to pick at least one each month to sew and talk about.  You can sew more, but one a month is the minimum.

Oh!  And if you have an affiliate account (you should sign up if you haven’t already), your affiliate commission is doubled, from 10% to 20% for each sale!

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who loves to sew!  We’re looking for a variety of sewists; all sewing levels, sizes, and backgrounds. Diversity is great!  If you can take clear pictures (you don’t have to be anywhere near a pro), and love to talk about what you sew, you’re a good candidate!  Maybe you blog and want some more content?  Maybe you just like to show off your creations in Facebook groups!  I’m looking for a good mix.

How do I Apply?

Head over to this handy Google form and apply!  Some questions may not apply.  That’s okay.  This will give us a better idea of the variety of sewists who are interested.

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